Karen Thieken



     What began as a life-threatening illness turned into a company Karen Thieken loves. After nearly losing a terrifying battle against sepsis, she found it wasnt just enough to survive… she wanted to THRIVE. She took her husbands advice and channeled her talent for promotional marketing into a business of her own imagining. She honed the marketing skills shed gained over 17 years and combined her personal love of swag” to create an utterly unique, totally customer focused entity when she launched Forte Promotional Marketing in 2013. Her company is founded in the belief that there is NO OTHER type of

marketing that is as TANGIBLE, THOUGHTFUL AND MEMORABLE as promotional products. They ignite a profound reaction when people receive them – often stimulating all five senses. She challenges her clients to recall a time when they felt truly excited by a billboard or newspaper ad. Karen has personally witnessed dozens and dozens of times when folks absolutely flipped out over a unique promotional product or gift – a true testament to their power. She has even seen clients tear up the first time they see THEIR logo on an awesome item that they use for self-promotion or give to someone as a gift. 


     As its founder, Fortes dedication to excellence begins and ends with Karen. She understands that creating the perfect item for a client in terms of price, value and quality means nothing if the order is not delivered ON TIME. Thats why she pushes her team members to deliver their personal best to every client they serve. She treats her team members like family and her clients like old friends. Her passion for her work comes through in everything she does, which has led to Fortes continued success as a premier full-service advertising specialty company – trusted by countless companies and organizations who wont hesitate to return with future business and share their positive experiences with others.

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